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my story


Thank you for your interest in the Wee Care Organization.


How It All Began...

I first became aware of the conditions in Afghanistan shortly following September 11th, 2001.  I learned that girls in Afghanistan were being denied an education.  Perhaps because I attended an all-girls school, where we were stretched and encouraged to learn and grow, this really moved me.  Education allows individuals the ability to expand their minds, care for their families, gain independence and become contributing members of their communities.  I began thinking of ways I could help.

With my school motto “Serviam”, or “I will serve” as an inspiration, I reflected on our school’s mascot, the Bear, and our despised green plaid uniform. I began sewing tiny plaid skirts matching my uniform and dressed stuffed bears to sell to students, teachers and parents at my school. With the money I would raise, I planned to help girls in Afghanistan.  The Wee Care Bear was born.

The money I raised the first year was enough to build two girls’ schools in Afghanistan through CARE, International.


Sarah Varadian, founder of Wee Care

A Blossoming Mission

As popularity and sales of Wee Care Bears grew, it provided me the opportunity to extend donations to other causes. I continued to work with CARE to provide supplies for the girls’ schools, but I also allotted a portion of the money to two other organizations.  A longtime friend of mine from my church founded a non-profit organization called Science With a Mission, Inc.  She is a scientist who works to provide diagnostic testing for malaria and typhoid for villages in the Central African Republic and in Kenya.  For years I had wanted to help this organization out but simply did not have a way. Now I was finally able to make a difference for her organization and the money I gave went to providing the diagnostic tools. I was later informed that my gifts had surely saved many lives.

Along with Science With a Mission, the other new organization I donated money to has a special place in my heart.  I am of Armenian decent and I have always wanted to be able to help children living in Armenia.  At an Armenian dance I attended I saw a brochure for the Armenian Relief Society.  I became extremely interested in this organization the second I saw the beautiful Armenian child on the cover of the brochure.  I contacted their office and I was able to give enough money to provide Christmas gifts and a party for an entire orphanage in Gumri, Armenia.


Giving is Receiving

This whole experience has changed my life forever. It is not just a service project to me. It has become a way of life. I realize everything I do affects others and it is up to me to decide upon my actions.  My education has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the world, and that includes my awareness that many are not as fortunate as I am.  More importantly, I have learned that through God’s gifts to me, I have the power to help. To know that I have played a part in changing, and even saving, lives is humbling.  I get such a simple joy from knowing this that I feel as though I am receiving a gift.

Before graduating, I taught younger girls at my school to make the “Wee Care Bears” in hopes that the Bears become my legacy.