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A Legacy...


Although I have trained younger girls at my high school to make the Wee Care Bears and I am excited to see the progress they make in the next few years, I hope this project does not stop there.  One of my goals since the very beginning is to encourage other students to reach out as well.  Through sharing my story I hope to spread the word and create somewhat of a ripple effect, so that the Wee Care movement is not just one girl's project, but something that students everywhere can take part in.


I do travel to other schools and hold workshops, but I hope that through this website I can reach even more students.  I urge you to take this project and use it as a basis for your own.  Whether you have a uniform at your school, or want to use your school colors, just do it! Throughout the website you will find instructions for making the skirts, bows and letters I used on my bears, but donít be afraid to add your own twist on it.  You can make shorts, shirts, add miniature sports equipment, pom poms, anything! Please feel free to exchange ideas on the guest book, and donít forget to share your success with me so I can see how this project has grown! Enjoy the rest of the site!