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Here are the step by step instructions for making your own customized Wee Care Bears...

Have fun!

Materials for Wee Care Bears

10” or 12” Jointed Bears

Uniform skirts or fabric in school colors

Straight pins

½” wide Velcro strips

Matching colored thread

Hot glue and glue gun

Step by Step Instructions for Wee Care Bears

(100 hours estimated based on 100 bears)

  • Research charity or cause, and choose what is meaningful to you.
  • Find and buy the bears. Be sure you get the right ones. You can use the 10” or the 12” jointed bears. Search for sales at craft stores. Michael’s and/or A.C. Moore usually has them on sale for one week in the fall for .99 each.
  • Find and buy the fabric in your school's colors.   If your school has a uniform like I did, you can get skirts for fabric. If you are lucky the uniform store has irregulars! Also, you can collect outgrown skirts from schoolmates. Check condition for any tears or worn spots, and clean them.
  • Take skirts apart with seam ripper
  • Iron the fabric
  • Layout patterns for cutting (pay attention to direction of plaid) and cut out:  Fig. 1

For 10” Bears: 3½ ”x 18” rectangles for skirts, 1½ ”x11” for waistbands, ½” x 9”for bows, and 7/8”x 7/8” or 1”x1” for letters

For 12”Bears: 4”x19” for skirts, 1½”x12 for waistbands. (Bows and squares are about the same for both sizes of bears.)  

  • Pin pleats, 5 to a skirt, so that the pleated skirt lines up with the waistband Fig.2
  • Fold waistbands in half lengthwise
  • Repin skirt to the folded waistbands, keeping the pleats in place Fig. 3
  • Sew skirt to waistbands.
  • Turn side edges over ¼ ” and sew down (if waistband is a bit longer, you can trim it) Fig. 4
  • Turn hem up ¼”and sew. 
  • Sew on Velcro closures. Fig. 5
  • Trim and inspect
  • Dress bears
  • Cut out letters. Practice this a lot so that the letters are neat and the right size. Fig.6
  • Glue letters to chest with hot glue gun
  • Tie bows and trim them of loose threads
  • Glue bows to bears’ heads next to the ear Fig. 7
  • Re-inspect all bears
  • Pack bears for transport




  • Check with school to be sure the cause you choose is OK with them. 
  • Sometimes you can find bears online, but the quality is not reliable.
  • Check each bear to be sure it is not ugly!
  • Check skirts for fit just before sewing on the Velcro
  • Be sure to remember, one part of the Velcro goes on the outside, and one part goes on the opposite inside of the waistband!
  • Also, be sure you get the sew-on Velcro, not the stick-on or iron-on
  • Cutting the letters is the hardest part to get just right, but it matters a lot to how good the finished bear looks. To cut out letters, fold square in half vertically and cut half the letter. Don’t make them too thin. Practice a lot. Use sharp scissors and be careful!


Now you are ready to sell the bears!

If your school has a bookstore, perhaps you can sell them there.  You could have a booth at your school fair.  You can sell them at games, concerts, dinners, or use your imagination!  Your bears can be holding miniature sports equipment, musical instruments, or other items to customize them.  Be creative!

Hold A Wee Care Fair

  • Make flyers for Fair
  • Post flyers around school
  • Create a booth for Fair and include information and illustrations about the cause you are raising money for; bring in and set up the bears
  • Run the booth, keep track of the money, and be prepared to talk about the cause you are raising money for.
  • After- sale orders are challenging to keep track of. It’s best to make a lot of bears (100 or so) for the fair and when they are sold out that’s it until next year!
  • Organize and pack up leftover bears, materials etc., for following year
  • Arrange meeting with beneficiary organization(s) and go to present the check(s)
  • Senior Year, hold training sessions for underclassmen and 1 or 2 mothers to continue project

Fig. 8  A finished Wee Care Bear decked out in Your High School's Colors